A few years down the road, I’ll probably come back and wonder why I started this blog, well future me, here the beginning.

In October 2014 I had the privilege of being a panelist at the 7th annual Werhner von Braun Memorial Symposium in Huntsville, AL. My panel was called “Space Exploration: Perspectives from the Millennial Generation.” There were 7 other men and women probably in the late 20’s to the early 30’s who worked at NASA or one of the companies that support them. Questions were asked about topics such as “what do we see as the differences between our generation and the previous one,” and “what could be done to attract more young folks to the aerospace field.” It was an interesting two hours and I personally came away feeling like I was more the older generation. I didn’t blog, didn’t use twitter, instagram, snapchat, or any of those social media networks. I think my generation is the last one that will recall the rise of technology as it permeates our every moment. I remember a time before internet was everywhere, and encyclopedias and library books were the standard for school papers and reports. So partially I wanted to “catch up” if you will with the every growing world of social media.

A second impetus was a speech given by the government affair manager of Orbital Sciences wherein she mentioned that most freshman congressmen get assigned to the Space, Science, and Technology Committee. She continued to say they and their staffers often get most of their information from the internet and the blog-o-sphere, and that we as a community of space exploration enthusiast, supporters, engineers, and scientists need to to do a better job of educating the public about our endeavors and accomplishments. So here I go to spread the word.

My goal with this place is to share interesting news, unbiased analysis, and personal thoughts on events in space exploration, science, technology, and the teaching of students.


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