I am Gabe Xu, a professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in Aerospace Engineering. I teach classes in orbital mechanics, spacecraft systems, fluid mechanics, electric propulsion, and others. My students and I conduct research in plasma physics applications for energy, propulsion, and materials.

I have always been interested in airplanes and spacecrafts. I watched Star Trek almost religiously back before DVR and internet streaming, so it actually took effort to follow a show each week. The draw of the show was not just the fantasy of space exploration, but the cool technology and pseudo-science. Today I do work related to space exploration and technology. I also meet a lot of people, students, engineers, academics, who also do space related work or are interested in it. However space and science has recently taken a beating in the public and political arena. But I will always encourage the development of science and the pursuit of space, because it is difficult, and in doing something difficult we as a species learn, growth, and make ourselves better.

Research Lab

Find me on Twitter @GabeXu


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